A Swirling Storm over Florida, Amazing Food from Istanbul and Other Travel News

Earlier in April, NASA invited a group of tweeters to join for the launch of its STS-134 mission to the International Space Station. That launch was delayed until April 29-29, and due to bad weather the shuttle never took off as planned. However, Trey Ratcliff did manage to capture the weather with one of his signature, beautiful photos, as you can see below. For more on the image, see Trey’s Stuck in Customs website.

Trey Ratcliff Photo of Storm over NASA in Florida

Stormy weather over NASA in Florida; Photo by Trey Ratcliff.

National Geographic Adventure just released its “Gear of the Year, Spring 2011” roundup, a compendium of the best for the summer months in lightweight gear like tents and rain jackets, as well as cameras, packs, kayaks and more.

Looking to help those affected by from the recent tornadoes in the South? Good magazine has put together a list of resources, updated frequently.

Incredible grabs from Google streetview, selected by a photographer.  August is peak season to visit Japan’s Mount Fuji, and Matador Network has put together a packing list for your climb, so you don’t have to.

Mount Fuji in Japan; photo by Midorisyu

MSNBC on 10 natural wonders to see before they disappear, including the Dead Sea, The Congo Basin and the Belize Barrier Reef. Some absolutely gorgeous photos accompany Eating Asia’s food tour of Beşiktaş, an off-the-beaten path area of Istanbul, TurkeyTranslucent origami to make my attempts at paper cranes look like a joke. [via] Long, beautiful tale of a recent visit to India’s Trivandrum, where millions of women slowly make their way to the city to show their devotion during the Attukal Pongala Festival. Have any more quirky bathroom signs for Alexis to add to his roundup? Add ‘em in the comments!

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