Adorable Fan Art from Havana Nguyen!

We recently got this fabulous email from a hipmunk named Havana Nguyen. She’s a designer/illustrator with a nifty website you should all check out, especially when you see what she sent us!

I’m consistently blown away by the adoration for our chipmunk mascot. We got the first piece of fan art from Ryan FREAKING Estrada just a week after launching. Not to mention this rad 3d render by Charles Saternos. You all absolutely rock our world. Thank you.

I didn’t see reddit alien fan art for months. Maybe it’s the aviator goggles. Or more likely, it’s that when people do their first hipmunk search, they get a special “Ah-ha!” moment upon seeing hipmunk’s beautifully displayed results, which connects to the personable brand with the blue scarf? That’s what I’m going to go with.

Thank you for the kind words of encouragement, Havana. I’m looking forward to our coffee here in NY! (Maybe we’ll do another interview).

Hi Adam, hi Steve!

I’m Havana and wanted to let you guys know how absolutely thrilled I am to have found Hipmunk. My fiance of 5 years and I have been total book nerds our entire lives, hungry to learn about the world and the different cultures out there. My parents are Vietnamese, I have a Cuban name (for whatever reason …), his parents are Jamaican and Namibian, and I am an International Affairs major.

Somehow, we have been to a grand total of three states.

It broke my heart that my experiences have been so limited. I was always so intimidated by trying to find flights and navigating my way around travel sites— the information was so cluttered, confusing, and honestly, I had just wished there was a site that just tracked flight prices in a simple, no-BS format. I hated always saying, “Oh, I wish I could get out and see the world!” simply because I just couldn’t figure out these sites.

You guys are just fuckin’ awesome for building this site. I’m almost crying of joy that we will be able to travel a lot more and share so many new experiences together. THIS is the beauty of Hipmunk: it opens up the opportunity to explore the world.

I’m glad SOMEONE thought of it. :)

I also love the little Hipmunk mascot! I started my illustration and design business 2 years ago and my favorite part of what I do is creating for other creative, innovative people. I loved the idea of Hipmunk so much that I decided to do my own little illustration of the Hipmunk, keeping the basic design and maintaining the simple shapes and lines of Alexis’s original design but pumping it up a notch. I would love to get your feedback and see what you two think of it! I’d like to donate it to you two in case you would like to use it in a future webdesign for Hipmunk. (Though if you DO use it, I’d greatly appreciate a small credit!)

Anyways, keep up the fantastic work with Hipmunk! Wishing you two lots and lots of success,

We’re so happy for the chance to work on a website our users care so passionately about. Especially when they also send us such awesome artwork. Follow her on twitter @HavanaTweets!


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