America’s Most Underrated Party Cities for Millennials

New York City, Miami, Daytona Beach, Los Angeles: If you told anybody from the U.S. that these are major party cities for millennials, nobody would blink an eye. As for the cities on this list? Not so much.

You won't believe which destinations made our list of best party cities.

The cities listed below might not have a reputation for jam-packed bars or clubs. Yet they nevertheless boast vibrant party scenes geared toward the millennial generation. Here are five of America’s most underrated party cities for millennials.

Austin, TX

Austin has already earned a reputation as one of the country’s largest musical hubs. So it won’t come as a surprise that there’s plenty of live entertainment to be found in the city. What fewer people realize is the city is also a party destination for millennials. The bars are plentiful and feature a diverse array of vibes. Whether you’re looking to drunkenly catch a football game, dance the night away, or simply go out with a few friends to have some raucous fun, you’ll find party atmospheres throughout the city’s late-night bars and clubs.

Nashville, TN

Nashville’s booming music and entertainment industries have recently earned it comparisons to LA, and young people are streaming into the city in droves. So it’s no surprise the city’s party scene has caught up. Live entertainment, night clubs packed with dancers, and cocktail and rooftop bars are all par for the course in the Nashville nightlife scene. Even Monday nights are popular party times thanks to late-night dancing at The Five Spot.

Pittsburgh, PA

As we’ve written before, Pittsburgh has undergone a revival over the last few years. The city is slowly growing its reputation as a destination for stellar art, food, and culture, and it’s experienced an influx of millennials ready to take advantage of these new highlights. As a result, the city’s party scene has also undergone a revival. Whether you’re looking for wine bars, breweries, sports bars, dive bars, or any other type of late-night party scene, you’ll find it in the now-vibrant city.

Savannah, GA

Cities in the Deep South rarely have reputations for their liberal party atmospheres. Savannah is the exception to that rule. The quirky Savannah College of Art and Design ensures a steady influx of millennials into the city, and the bars have risen to the occasion. Consistently warm weather makes it easier to party into the wee hours of the morning, as does the fact that Savannah allows for open carrying of alcoholic beverages on city sidewalks.

Washington, D.C.

The nation’s capital has more of a reputation for white-collared professionals and uptight politicians than it does for late-night parties. But that reputation is only a small sliver of the city’s character. In reality, the professional and political scene ensures a large millennial presence, and they party it up in bars, night clubs, and music venues throughout the city. While the Adams Morgan neighborhood is best known for late-night shenanigans, there’s fun to be had in virtually any of D.C.’s neighborhoods.

The best part about these underrated party cities is that, well, they’re underrated. That means (for the most part) you won’t have to deal with lines out the door at your intended destination. But because they’re bona fide party cities, there’s still plenty of fun to be had. It’s like Goldilocks and the three bears: The parties in these cities aren’t too crowded, and they’re not dead. Instead, they’re just right.

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