An Introduction to Japan

This is a Hipmunk post from Jodi Ettenberg of Legal Nomads
Dan and Audrey from Uncornered Market met when they were in the US Peace Corps, dated and got engaged, had their the wedding dress made in Estonia and got hitched in Tuscany. Clearly they are international people. Years later, their wanderlust is going strong and they’ve spent their time traveling around the world and learning as much as possible as they go. 

Given how much they have seen, it’s fascinating to see their take on new places. They just went to Japan for the first time, and they’ve posted a list of things that stood out, that made Japan quirky and different. These are the comparison points that make the world fascinating, so I wanted to share here.

From the list:

 "3. The konbini, the Japanese convenience store.

The konbini is the Japanese incarnation of the convenience store. From the outside, one might appear ordinary, but in Japan there’s something different.Portable food, hand-packed and replenished multiple times a day. Onigiri, triangular rice parcels, bento boxes and an entire wall devoted to energy drinks. There’s even a section for plastic-wrapped white button down shirts for the salaryman who didn’t make it home from last night’s business-and-beer bender.

Japanese people spend a lot of time at work and on the go. Konbinis, their stores of convenience, fuel them.”

For the rest of their 15 first impressions head over to the Uncornered Market blog. Fun stuff!

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