New: Android Users Rejoice!

We are so excited to announce that today we launched our Android app bringing our unique visual flight search and Agony sort to hundreds of millions of mobile devices. And, the reviews have been glowing so far! Check out what GigaOm, LifeHacker, Mashable and TechCrunch have said.

We hired Ryan Oldenburg just a couple weeks after his graduation from University of Wisconsin and got him building this app right away. It was really important we kept true to the Hipmunk spirit by providing our users with the same clean interface and search experience they know and love.

We didn’t want to simply clone our iOS app, which wouldn’t look or feel compatible on Android. Unfortunately, that happens a lot and paints a bad picture of Android apps. As an avid Android user, Ryan was determined to prove that Android apps could be just as good, if not better, than iOS apps. He built this app from the ground up and designed it to feel and function comfortably on Android.

We knew Ryan was the guy to do it, and we are so proud of what he’s made.

Here’s a quick walk through of what you’ll see:

A slick, continuous calendar removing the agony of clicking between two separate calendars to pic departure and return dates:

Hipmunk keeps you company while searching for your flights, and we give you a tip so you can better use the app now and in the future:

Note the same visual timeline from our site, which shows the length of flight, any layovers, departure / arrival times, the airline, and if a flight will have WiFi:

The flight details pop up to show even more information:

We give you the option to book through the airline, email the itinerary and link to a friend, family member or colleague, or receive a finish code so that you can pull up that same itinerary on a desktop computer.

You can download the Hipmunk Android app in the Android Market or by navigating here:

Download it, test it out, and let us know what you think!

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