Carry On with LetsGetLexi’s Alexis Cozombolidis

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By: Kelly Soderlund, Hipmunk Staff While it’s true that Alexis Cozombolidis might be best known to the public at large as San Francisco Giants Hunter Pence’s girlfriend, the whip-smart and talented host of Twitch TV’s LetsGetLexi has been a gamer… Continue Reading →

4 Reasons to Visit the Roman Catacombs

In ancient Rome, burial within the city walls was forbidden. The pagan culture of the second and third centuries preferred cremation, despite the objections of the Christian minority. As land for graveyards was scarce, the Christians of the day cultivated a sense… Continue Reading →

Yummy Foods, Happy Bellies: Preventing Mishaps in Adventurous Eating

Tongue-tickling spice combinations. Unfamiliar ingredients. New delicacies to explore. Half the fun of venturing to exotic locales is sampling new foods. Unfortunately, adventurous eating can also lead to an unhappy belly. Take advantage of a couple simple tricks to stave… Continue Reading →

The Best Hotel Gyms For Fitness-Minded Travelers

When choosing a hotel, we don’t always care about the workout facilities. A couple of free weights and a dusty elliptical may seem like no problem when you’re focused on vacation! But thanks to the rapid growth of wellness tourism, the… Continue Reading →

6 Selfie Stick Variations Every Traveler Needs Right Now

Selfie sticks: Love ‘em or hate ‘em (and boy do some people hate them), they’re becoming a legitimate trend for world travelers and homebodies alike. At no point has this been more apparent than with the recent creation of the selfie spoon,… Continue Reading →

Healthy Habits to Keep You Going When You’re On-The-Go

Travel can take a toll on your body. Swept up in the rush of adventure, it’s easy to forget to take care of your health. The result? You might return from your trip exhausted instead of renewed or, worse yet,… Continue Reading →

Wine Tasting Destinations for Every Budget

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By: Hipmunk Staff Just last week we filled you in on the best up-and-coming wine destinations in the U.S. and abroad. This week, we’ve added a few of our favorite well known wine destinations to the mix, so you can decide… Continue Reading →

How to Keep a Great Travel Journal

In an age when much of human communication takes place in 140 characters or less, somehow the travel journal still persists. There are many wonderful reasons to catalogue a trip, from recording facts to sharing the experience with others, chronicling advice… Continue Reading →

5 Bike-Friendly Hotels

Biking isn’t just for kids on dirt bikes or adults in spandex. More people are biking in cities all over the country now more than ever before, and with good reason: bicycling improves muscle tone, promotes fat and calorie burning,… Continue Reading →

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