Avoid the Rental Car Shuttle Agony at Philadelphia Int’l Airport

Fellow Hipmunk’er Joe G. joins us once again, with words of wisdom for the wandering…

“Hey Yo Adrian!” Hipmunk travels a lot, including to Philly, and we’re always on the lookout for reducing agony while on the road.

Hipmunk flew to Philadelphia the other day and had a sharp twang of agony while waiting for the National Rental Car shuttle to take us back to the airport. So Hipmunk did what any savvy traveler would do and started
asking questions while hunting for alternative travel choices.
Before we say anymore, it should be noted that this savvy travel trick is best suited for those who like to walk and are flying out of Terminal F or Terminal E at PHL.

A helpful agent at the National Rental Car counter informed us that if we “Just walk across the grass and over to the sidewalk, past the parking garage payment booths.” we would find the rental car offices. I tightened my back-pack and gave the Tumi luggage a snappy tug and we were off.

Ready, savvy travelers?…
Here’s how you avoid the agony of waiting for the rental car shuttle:

1)  Exit the terminal and walk towards the parking garage and ground transportation signs. 

2)  Walk across the bridge, over the departures drop-off, as you would normally in this situation. 

3)  Walk outside to the curb, where you would normally wait for the primary rental car center vans [Avis, Enterprise, Hertz, and National]. 

4)  DONʼT get on the van! 

5)  Turn right and start walking with traffic towards the exit. You should be heading toward the area where you can
see the garage toll plaza/booths are located. Just walk along the sidewalk here. 

6)  At the end of the sidewalk, cut-over to the grassy area then hoof-it across to the location
where you’ll be parallel with the rental car agency gates.

7)  Once you’re on the grassy area,
you’re almost there! Now, this is where you’ll need to cross the street very carefully! Try to cross at the narrowest section of the street and aim for the grassy area on the other side of the street — where all of the shiny new rental cars are waiting for your arrival. Vroom!

8) Proudly walk into the rental car facility of your choice and give yourself a pat-on-the-back for being so travel savvy.
Share the knowledge and save yourself the agony!

– Joe

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