Baby sloth orphanage will make you squee

This is a Hipmunk post from Jodi Ettenberg of Legal Nomads

With a smile-inducing mascot, we’re obviously big fans of cute here at the Hipmunk. We’re also happy to showcase under-appreciated animals from around the world. A perfect example: the sloth. 

Baby sloth photo by Matt MacGillivray.

While not as popular as baby tigers or polar bears, mini-sloths are beyond adorable. And a perfect place to see them in their fuzzy glory is at the Sloth Sanctuary in Aviarios del Caribe, Costa Rica. A refuge for sloths young and old, the sanctuary serves as a de faco orphanage for the many babies whose parents have succumbed to electrocution or were hit by cars on the island.  

If you can’t get to Costa Rica, you’re still in luck: Lucy Cooke, the filmmaker behind the popular Meet the Sloths is back with a new documentary airing this Saturday (December 17) on Animal Planet. According to Wired Magazine’s profile on the film, Cooke spent over a year with the sloths at Aviarios, shadowing them as they went about their day. The documentary follows five orphans throughout that year.

I’ve long loved these quirky, curl-toed animals (and have the stuffed animals to prove it). But for those who are uninitiated, watch the trailer for Cooke’s documentary to see what makes baby sloths so charming. And you will squee. Oh yes, you will squee…

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