BBQ in Cambodia’s Capital City

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Street food expert extraordinaire Mark Lowerson of Sticky Rice recently took a trip to Cambodia’s capital Phnom Penh, and we wanted to share one of his food findings here. Many travelers head from Siem Reap to Cambodia’s capital for the next leg of their travels, and this BBQ stand – piled high with seafood and other offerings – was too good to keep a secret.

Says Mark:

For getting food to plastic table, I would resort to tried and tested means; gawking at the plates of others and poking about the food preparation area, techniques considered by most to be not only rude but also not permitted when a common language is the conduit for completing such transactions. Here, in these circumstances, our common goal (ours to get fed, theirs to feed me and take our money) bonds customer and server, allowing the aforementioned alternative methodology. I would grunt, point and smile my way to a full stomach.

BBQ in Cambodia, by Mark Lowerson
BBQ in Cambodia, by Mark Lowerson

One of many dishes on offer, worth seeing the full photos here.

For those who want to try it out:

Street BBQ
Corner Pasteur (St. 51) & Preah Ang Phanauvong (St. 240)
Phnom Penh

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