Beautiful 360 degree panoramas of Easter Island

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 post from Jodi Ettenberg of Legal Nomads

I’ve long been a fan of the AirPano site, a project that houses high-res 3D aerial panoramas taken by a team of Russian photographers. The panoramas  are incredibly detailed, with accompanying background information and a series of photos documenting the shoot. They’ve posted on Las Vegas at night, Africa’s Victoria Falls and even an underwater shoot from the Maldives.

But what really caught my eye was their newest shoot, a panorama from Easter Island. With the giant Moai statues looming and the stars bright, it’s one of my favourites to date. I’ve never been, and it’s high up on my bucket list.

A sampling, by Dmitriy Moiseenko

For the rest of the photos and of course the grand finale, the 360 degree panorama that accompanies them, hop over to the Airpano site. 

Bonus: Easter Island time-lapse from National Geographic photographer Bo Hakala.


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