The Best Off-Season Summer Destinations

While summer travel can certainly be expensive, these days, travelers no longer have to break the bank to have a truly memorable vacation. In fact, many exciting destinations are best experienced during the off-season summer months, when hotel costs drop and the throngs of peak-time tourists dissipate.

Below, we’ve assembled some of our favorite off-season travel spots that are guaranteed to not only be good for the soul, but also for the wallet.

Our favorite off-season summer destinations to beat the crowds!

St. Lucia

Located just northwest of Barbados in the Caribbean sea, St. Lucia is an ideal off-season summer destination for the traveler looking to soak in the sun without spending a fortune. Hotel accommodations drop dramatically during the island’s summer hurricane season, though visitors are rarely treated to anything more threatening than a warm breeze or afternoon rainstorm.  

New Orleans

Though most travel to New Orleans for Mardi Gras or its string of fun spring festivals, this charming southern city remains a great destination well into the summer. While the months of June, July, and August are definitely humid, the high temperatures just mean bigger savings for tourists, who can justify vacationing in the heat with inexpensive flights and plenty of frozen daiquiris in the city’s French Quarter.


Goa may be known as the beach party capital of India, but traveling to this beautiful stretch of coast in its off season can be just as fun for tourists. During monsoon season—stretching roughly from May to September—hotel and restaurant prices drop steeply, which allows travelers to revel in the beauty of the region without spending a fortune. Plus, cooler temperatures will make for a more relaxing respite.

New Zealand

With its lush mountains, gorgeous coastal views, and delicious local eats, New Zealand is an ideal off-season summer destination. Though the country is beautiful year round, travelers can sneak in some pretty impressive deals on hotel and accommodation costs if they wait to visit during the island’s winter season in June, July and August. Visiting during this time is also great for skiers, who can take full advantage of the snowy New Zealand Alps.


With each passing year, Vietnam becomes a more accessible travel destination for not only the intrepid backpacker, but also for the hotel-oriented tourist. And summer is a great time to visit this Southeast Asian gem as the high temperatures mean travelers can save on hotel and accommodation costs while enjoying thinner crowds at top attractions like the National Museum of Vietnamese History and the Hanoi Opera House.


Belize is an emerging vacation hotspot in Central America, and traveling during the off-season summer months will let tourists experience the local culture without the crowds. Plus, there are many great festivals that occur in the summer, including the Toledo Cacao Festival and the Benque Fiesta. Though there will be a lot of rain, that just means the natural flora and fauna will be in full, colorful bloom.

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