CN Tower’s EdgeWalk: Say hi to Toronto from 116 stories above the city

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Every year on my birthday, I climb a mountain, aiming to be on the summit as the sun rises that day. Last year was South Sister in Oregon but this year, I had a family wedding in Toronto and couldn’t get to a mountain (those of you familiar with Toronto know that there aren’t many around to climb). However, I do happen to have an awesome younger brother, because he surprised me with the CN Tower EdgeWalk as my substitute and my birthday gift.

Looming over Toronto, the CN Tower stands at 1,815ft above the city, which made it the world’s tallest free-standing structure when construction was completed in 1976. On the roof of the CN Tower’s restaurant (1,168ft above the ground), the EdgeWalk takes you around the circumference of the Tower’s ‘donut’.

CN Tower high over Toronto. Photo credit: fizzcity.

Those of you afraid of heights might want to think twice, but as a skydiver it was right up my alley and a lot of fun. Attached to ropes that hold up to 15,000 pounds of weight, you’re incredibly locked in and it felt quite secure – the system took over 4 years to put together and finalize, and several of the staff was trained in New Zealand with the Harbour Bridgewalk team. Ropes attach to your harness and loop up to metal tracks that ring the tower; your guide is on a separate track so he or she can roam freely and make sure everyone is comfortable. 

The walk runs from 9am to 9pm and is (obviously) subject to weather. We were lucky – the people ahead of us were cancelled because of lightning but we ended up with clear skies over the city. Starting in August and continuing through October, you end up above the city for about 30 minutes, which fly by. We ended up with a “I’m the king of the woooorld!” Titanic rendition, leaning out over the platform with arms outstretched, and there might have been a few magic carpet references and/or a sing-a-long version of Aladdin’s “A Whole New World”. 

All in all it was a great gift, and a lot of fun.

Jazz hands over Toronto! Me, my brother & his girlfriend on our Edgewalk:


As an aside, I did appreciate that the ticket, while expensive, included a video, photos, certificate of achievement and re-entry to CN Tower itself. You also get free access to the look out, the glass floor and sky pod, a movie (in this case Wave Tahiti) and a ride (the awkwardly named HimalAmazon). While some amusement parks end up charging extra for the keepsake, it was satisfying to see that you don’t need to pay more to get the DVD or photo printouts.

Screenshots from my Edgewalk video:

For more info, check out the CN Tower EdgeWalk official site. The basics: tickets cost $175, you have to be at least 13 years old and 107cm (42 inches) tall. 

Has anyone else done the EdgeWalk yet? Let’s hear about it in the comments!

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