Dog on a motorbike, Vietnam edition

This is a Hipmunk post from Jodi of Legal Nomads.
Earlier in my writing for Hipmunk, I was living in Chiang Mai in Thailand. I noticed that many of the dogs in the area were perfectly comfortable sitting on motorbikes while their owners picked up food or supplies, patiently waiting on the seat. And then, when the owner would return, the dogs would put their paws up on the handle bars and off the bike would go.
In my 2 months in Vietnam, I’ve yet to see a dog on a motorbike – until today! Thanks to James from Nomadic Notes for capturing these as we were walking around.
Dog on motorbike by James Clark
Dog on motorbike, by James Clark
And the bird’s eye view –
Dog on a motorbike in HCMC, James Clark
Bird’s eye view – what a jacket too!

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