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Jodi Ettenberg Legal nomads

This is a Hipmunk post from Jodi Ettenberg of Legal Nomads.

Clayton from Spartan Traveler quit his job over a year ago in San Francisco and has been traveling the world ever since. He recently posted about what technology you would need if you wanted to work on the road, breaking each piece of equipment down to pros and cons, as well as what he’s used it for. A helpful list for anyone looking to travel long or short term and still be able to get work done along the way.

Digital nomad must-haves, (c) 2013 Spartan Traveler

An excerpt:

“The equipment that allows me to work from almost anywhere was thoughtfully accumulated over the last 18 months, and it’s a balance of price, weight, and power. There’s no need to go gear-crazy if you’re just starting out (or ever). All you really need is a decent laptop, some cheap headphones, and a place to work.

There are plenty of “top # pieces of gear for digital nomads” out there, but most of them range from borderline excessive to absolutely ridiculous. I’m assuming here that a) you have a budget or you’re just starting out and b) you don’t want to carry 80lbs of extra gear with you (that can also be damaged or stolen).


The point is: you can get started cheaply, so don’t assume you need the latest and greatest gadgets to make it happen.”

You can check out all of Clayton’s recommendations here. Among them is the iPhone 5, so for those shaking their heads at the Asus in the photo above, fear not ;)


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