Everything you wanted to know (and more) about marketing hipmunk

Phew! We had quite a week. I’m often asked about the buzz around hipmunk, so this was a great opportunity to share notes from the playbook. It’s the exact same strategy behind how the following grew around reddit, only this time there’s no community element to the site.

But hipmunk has something else: a unique “Ah-ha moment” that happens to first-time users when they perform their first hipmunk hotel or flight search. User experience wins the day, folks. And when you treat users well by building a great product for them, it’s the solid foundation on which to build a userbase that wants to talk about your product.

Travolution got our first interview about the strategy and numbers behind our “Hipmunk Me” campaign and how hipmunk has been so successful generating attention (spoiler: make a stuff people want and listen to – and pamper – your hardcore fans).

I shared my thoughts on building something people love with Startup Foundry and all the hustle that goes into it.

WIRED’s Hopkinson Report invited me on to talk about how hipmunk has gotten so much buzz so quickly (spoiler: we do everything like we give a damn). Here’s a link to the podcast iTunes (or click play below).

And to top it all off, readers of Lifehacker voted hipmunk one of the best ways to search for cheap travel online! Amazing, especially given we only launched last August.

As always, we couldn’t do it without all of you, hipmunks. Thank you for being our frontline as we open people’s eyes to a better way to search for travel. Let us know how we can help you spread the word!

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