Exclusive Interview: Geraldine from The Everywhereist

After years of waiting for her husband to return home from his travels for business, Geraldine from The Everywhereist decided to join in on the fun! 
She catalogs what she experiences while galavanting around the world while her husband is in meetings — not a bad gig! 

We asked Geraldine for some details about her nomadic life. Read what she had to say below – guarantee she’ll make you laugh!  

1.  Who or what inspires you to travel? 

My family. I’m constantly traveling to get away from them. I KID. I KID. I travel to get away from people to whom I owe money.

2. What are three of your favorite global bites?

You are asking me – a woman who is CONSTANTLY eating – to narrow down my choices to a mere three? That’s … that’s just brutal. But I will do my best. 

The first on my list is a sweet (naturally – my sweet tooth is well documented on my site). Sticky toffee pudding. It is highly addictive stuff. I tend to sprinkle a bit of salt on mine, which makes my blood pressure spike, so I’m pretty sure mitigates my chances of getting diabetes. Or maybe not. I’ve never been good at science.

The second item on my list is also a sweet. I’m a sucker for gelato. I can’t understand how Italians fit into such weensy articles of clothing when they’re surrounded by the stuff. If I had to take a guess, I’d say either through sorcery or by bending the fabric of space-time.

And the last item on my list is also sugar-based, because I’m predictable like that, and probably going to be toothless by the age of 35: Nutella. I’m so thrilled that the world has become so interconnected, and I can find Nutella at my local grocery store. Sadly, the managers have requested I not dig into the container with my bare hands before actually purchasing it. 

3. Where do you travel for adventure? 

I think that you can find adventure almost anywhere, as long as you have the right attitude. I mean, a trip to your mom’s house can seem exciting when you have a feral weasel in the backseat, you know? 

I’ve had equally amazing adventures in places as far away as Iceland and as close as Kansas (which, by the way, are equally foreign and wonderful to me). Really, what matters isn’t where you are going – it’s your attitude when you get there.

4. What are the top three things you always pack?

– Over $10,000 in U.S. currency.
– Heat. As in, “I’m packing heat.”
– The Green Bay Packers?
– I think I misunderstood the question.

5. What’s the best travel advice you’ve ever received?
"To avoid risk of decapitation please do not … something something." 

I forget the rest of it, but, you know, the message is really universal. Nearly 80% of people who are decapitated die within the first hour of being separated from their bodies. True story.

6. We know traveling can sometimes be painful–what’s one of your most agonizing travel memories?

It had to be the time my mother packed a small hiking pick-axe (with retractable blades, both serrated and not) in her carry-on bag when we were heading to Florida for Christmas.

I’m not even kidding on that one. She actually did that. I kind of recommend that everyone travel with my mom at least once. Mostly because it will make every other trip seem so darn relaxing and non-cavity-searched by comparison.

7. What’s the one place you always want to go back?

Home again. But you know what they say … "You can’t go home again … because your family hasn’t owned this house since 1987. Now please get off my property before I call the police. 

 That, and Venice. Venice is amazing. It’s a whole city built on water. I don’t even know how that works. I can’t even build Legos on top of a puddle. 

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