Exclusive Interview: Johnny Jet – Travel Blogger

Travel blog, johnnyjet.com, has become the first stop for thousands of travel planners. Johnny Jet began his site as a way to share his passion for travel with others, and we’re certainly thankful! Read the interview below and get to know Johnny Jet even better! 

1. Who or what inspires you to travel?
I think about all the people who can’t travel for health-related or other reasons. I used to be one of those – who wouldn’t travel because growing up I was afraid to fly and leave the house. But, I overcame that fear, and the few times I still don’t want to get on a plane, I think of all those people who wish they could.

2. What are three of your favorite global bites?
Pizza in NYC, Spaghetti in Italy and hawker food stalls in Singapore.

3. Where do you travel for adventure?
New Zealand and Australia. Not sure what’s in the water in the southern hemisphere, but they do some crazy stuff down there. In New Zealand you can go zorbing (which is literally rolling down a hill in a big ball) or go sledging, or whitewater rafting without a boat , and everything in between. You can even climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

4. What are the top three things you always pack?

Laptop, cell phone, and camera

5. What’s the best travel advice you’ve ever received?
Peter Greenberg once told me to never take a no from somebody who’s not empowered to give you a yes. But my best travel advice is to always be friendly to everyone.

6. We know traveling can sometimes be painful–what’s one of your most agonizing travel memories?
My wife lost her passport in Estonia . Read about it here!

7. I’m sure you have tons, but what’s one of your most ecstatic travel moments?
When a stranger in Estonia turned in my wife’s passport at the last minute saving our vacation. Also landing in Hong Kong in 1993 after a 14.5 hour flight. It was my first time out of the country and it felt so good to know I was able to get up enough nerve and finally travel to a foreign destination.

8. What’s the one place you always want to go back?
Southeast Asia.

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