Exclusive Interview: The Culture-ist

The Culture-ist is an online magazine that spreads the word about innovators, entrepreneurs, artisans and philanthropists around the globe.  Their daily newsletter focuses on cultural aspects that connect our global community and inspire us to travel. Check out our exclusive interview with their team and enjoy the beautiful pictures! 
1.  Who or what inspires you to travel? 
A journey to one country always inspires me to travel to another. The people, food, natural landscapes and cultural experiences leave me wanting to learn more about different pockets of the world. It has become a quest to understand, as best as possible, who we are collectively as a global society.  

2. What are three of your favorite global bites?
Keralan dosas, any Turkish eggplant dish and Balinese laklaks drizzled with warm palm sugar.

3. What’s the best travel advice you’ve ever received?
If you really want to get to know a place and its people you have to stay awhile.

4. We know traveling can sometimes be painful — what’s one of your most agonizing travel memories?
Seeing firsthand the kind of indescribable poverty that exists in some countries such as Guatemala and India.

5. I’m sure you have tons, but what’s one of your most ecstatic travel moments?
You’re right, they are countless! If I had to choose one experience, I would say being invited into the home of a poor Keralan fisherman who had recently lost his 12-year-old son to cancer. He offered us the fruit from his trees and the little food he had as an invitation to dinner in his two-room cinderblock house. It was one of the most beautifully profound experiences I’ve had while traveling.  
6. What does being “cultured” mean to you?
Embracing, respecting and understanding the way others live. The only way to really do this is to take a moment to walk in the shoes of others around the world.

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