New: Find flights and hotels that fit into your schedule

The Internet has made thousands of things easier—everything from searching for travel to keeping your calendar. However, no site has made it easy to do both at the same time. Today, we’ve just made this process much simpler. 

If you’re a businessperson with lots of meetings, a student with lots of classes, a shift-worker whose hours change day-to-day, or just trying to manage your spouse and children’s hectic schedules, searching for travel has been agonizing. You’re used to toggling between potential flights and the calendars you manage, then double- and triple-checking that you’ll depart and arrive in time for your obligations.

For both hotels and flights, Hipmunk now automatically shows you information from your Google Calendar that’ll help you pick the right trip for you.

Signing up

First, you need to quickly sign up for an account on Hipmunk, if you haven’t already, by clicking the “login” button in the upper-right of the homepage to get started.


Once you’ve signed in, click the button with your email address, and click “preferences.”


Enable the checkbox for Google Calendar integration and click “Save;” then, when you get re-directed to Google, click “Grant access” to give Hipmunk access to your calendar.

Like a lot of us today, you probably have multiple Google Calendars: one for personal engagements, one for business, and one for your alter ego. When searching for either flights or hotels on Hipmunk, you can hide and show specific calendars, or even specific events on your calendar. Just click the “Calendar” button in the upper-right of the window.


If you do travel planning on behalf of your friends, family, or co-workers, you can use Google Calendar to request access to their calendars. If they grant you access, you’ll then be able to see their calendars on your flight and hotel searches as well.


When you run a flight search, you’ll see all your calendar events on the Hipmunk flight timeline as a series of vertical stripes. Each event’s horizontal position reflects what time of day it starts, and its width shows you how long it lasts. If a calendar stripe coincides with a flight bar, you know you’ll have to reschedule the event if you want to take that flight.


If you can’t afford to skip any of your events, click the “No Conflicts” button to instantly hide all conflicting flights.


Next time you run a hotel search, Hipmunk will display all the calendar events on your trip.


Each pin is numbered by how early it occurs on your trip (1 for the first event on your calendar, 2 for the second, etc.). Just by looking, you can see where your travels will take you. And you can easily see which hotels are nearest to which events.

The list on the right side of the map shows you all your events in order. If you’re curious where an event is, just mouse over it, and its pin will catch your eye on the map.

Finally, if you want to find hotels closest to one of your events—say, your first or last event of the day—click to sort by distance.

When you click the text field, you can select one of your events, and all of the hotels will instantly re-sort by proximity to your event.


Now, Hipmunk will automatically display information from your calendars when you run searches—something no other travel site can do. 

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