From Zero to 8 Million, Then Back to Zero – Watch Steve Huffman Keynote MidVenturesLAUNCH

Google_chromescreenshot002 Steve Huffman, hipmunk cofounder, is keynoting MidVenturesLAUNCH this September 27-28th in Chicago, IL.

Adventures in being acquired and starting from scratch
My experiences with Y Combinator, Reddit and Hipmunk

Steve will be speaking on our founding of reddit, his founding (with Adam Goldstein) of hipmunk, and doing Y Combinator twice, first when it was something we had to explain to people and now as something that opens doors (not literally, but YC is probably working on a robot for that).

There’ll also hopefully be a chance to meet up after the conference. It’ll be your chance to meet a reddit cofounder and both hipmunk founders at the same time. Let them know what you think about the site! Anyone have recommendations for a venue?

Want to go, but need a way to get to Chicago? We’ve got a site for that.

Even if you’re not going, it’s worth a click to see check out our pre-filled-in fields.

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