That is why I created a very simple tool called Destination Decider. Download the small excel file here. Raw weather data gathered from the U.S Department of Energy from over two thousand locations across the globe was aggregated in Excel with the help of web queries. (I highly recommend learning how to use web queries as it can be a highly efficient way of downloading large amounts of data into Excel with little effort). Once the data was downloaded, I created a simple pivot table that summarizes the weather data where an even simpler form pulls from the pivot table.

The form asks you to input the following:

  1. Month in which you plan on travelling
  2. Low-end of a desirable temperature range
  3. High-end of a desirable temperature range

After clicking on ‘Submit’, the tool will output a list of destinations (Country / City) that fit within your schedule and desired climate. Of course, this is a very crude model. If you experience any bugs, please let me know.

The current travel search engines all assume the same thing. They all assume you have your destination in mind. However, there’s no engine out there that tells you where you should travel to if you don’t know where to travel to – until now.

Next time you’re faced with the fortunate predicament of choosing a place to vacation in, this handy tool will surely save you time and help you narrow down your options.

Download the spreadsheet here and give it a try. Sorry Mac users, this excel file is PC only as Macs currently don’t support Macros.


Take a look at Anish’s website for a more thorough analysis of what drove him to create this tool and the research he did along the way.

Given how Hipmunk was spawned from our co-founder Adam Goldstein’s own problems searching for flights, we found Anish to be a kindred spirit of travel itch-scratching prowess.

With how easy it is to get software instantly to a global audience, we’re expecting a lot of great innovation to come to the travel space in the years to come. We’re happy to use our blog as a platform to highlight all of the things that make us go, “ah-ha!” as we hope you all do when you run your first hipmunk search.

Things are looking up, fellow travelers!