The Gift of Amazing Fans

As 2011 comes to a close, it’s easy to get caught up in the agony of last minute deadlines, numerous mall trips, and endless airport security lines; however, this year, getting into the Holiday spirit was easy. Here at Hipmunk, we launched two fantastic contests calling for your festive responses. We received hundreds of comments and each was heartfelt, hilarious and inspiring. When I contacted the winners of each giveaway, I couldn’t help but want to jump for joy with them. And when they sent us pics of the gifts we sent them and of their families reunited, I got a little bit teary eyed.  
And while this Hipmunk elf was smack dab in the middle of Day 6 of Giving the Gift of Hipmunk, our office was surprised with a gift of it’s own. Thanksgiving flight winner endearingly called “Skinny Vinny” by his mom, Colleen, and sister, Kristen, dropped by our office to thank us for the trip back east and show his gratitude by bringing delicious pizzas for the full team!

It was an awesome gesture from one of our amazing fans, and it was delightful to meet a winner and hear how we changed his holiday. It gave me an amazing feeling of fulfillment knowing we brought him and his family so much joy. It also reiterated a motto we at Hipmunk live by in all we do: deliver the best quality experience making people’s lives easier, and it will lead to happy, loyal users.

So Hipmunkers, whether you are giving the gift of travel, or just the gift of a friendly gesture, don’t underestimate the power of your product. And know that when you do awesome things and pay it forward, you will most certainly get it back!

Happy Holidays!


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