Handy Guide to Bathroom Signs of the World

Let’s be frank, everyone handles this signage differently, but for travelers, they’re universally important. These are some of our favorites from around the web. Kudos to Shaun and Jodi for finding all these.

(Co-Ed) San Francisco, CA, USA, photo credit: dcmetroblogger

(Colonial) Williamsburg, VA, USA, photo credit: cayusa

Somewhere in Germany, photo credit: doctor muppets

Great Wall of China, photo credit: missfuddles

Somewhere in Greece (though it feels so Belgian), photo credit: mr g travels

Bangalore, India, photo credit: lpettinati

Somewhere in Turkey, photo credit: levork

Tel Aviv, Israel, photo credit: ashi

Somewhere in Costa Rica, photo credit: nothinglessthanaholiday

Penang, Malaysia, photo credit: @ShannonRTW

What’s the best bathroom sign you’ve seen on your world travels? Let us know in the comments! Bonus points if you’ve got a photo to prove it!

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