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Adam (our co-founder/CEO) hasn’t been to a Crunchies before – he just graduated from MIT, after all. But neither Steve, nor Chris, nor I have ever had the chance during our time starting & growing reddit. Not to mention the growing members of team hipmunk who would love to don their blue scarves for a night on the town in San Francisco’s Palace of Fine Arts Theatre.

Granted, it’s a pretty silly award ceremony (but I think they know that) yet we’ve heard so many great things from the hipmunk nation that we thought we’d make a last-minute push.

Besides, it’d be fun to finally see Steve and Adam on stage holding that bizarre trophy triumphantly over their heads. And if we can get it in time, hopefully one of them can be dressed up in a full-size hipmunk costume. Dare to dream.

In the meantime, would you be so kind as to vote for us? We’ll make sure Santa finds out and does you a solid.

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