It’s Our Birthday! Looking Back on Hipmunk’s 1st Year

It’s been a year since we’ve opened our doors, and launched Hipmunk flight search, and boy, has it been a huge year for us!

In the past twelve months, we’ve rolled out ten innovative products and features, including Time Sliders, Hotels, our iPhone/iPad app, and the ability to narrow hotels by neighborhood. And we’ve got you guys—our fans and loyal users—to thank for all your feedback and suggestions! Every time you email, tweet, comment, or Live Chat with us, we listen and take to heart which features you want. We can’t even thank you enough for taking the time to tell us what would make your travel planning experience better.

As a company, we’ve grown tremendously over the past year: we’ve raised a round of funding from an amazing lineup of investors, now have ten employees, hundreds of thousands of unique visitors, and moved from Steve and Adam’s apartment to real office space :)¬†

It looks like you’ve been quite busy as well! In the past year, you’ve searched for over 1,000,000 flights and hotels, and after crunching the numbers, we’ve saved you over 150,000 hours of Agony from your travel planning. Hopefully you’ll spend that extra time with friends, family, traveling, studying, working, playing, and generally enjoying life!

So, that’s where’s we’ve been, but we want to hear what you’ve been up to. In the past year, how have you grown and where have your travels taken you?

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