Hipmunk.com gets a fabulous SCOTTEVEST shoutout (Thank you!)

The best way to explain Hipmunk.com is to say that their site is just as useful to travelers as their mascot is cute.  Another way to explain it is to say that their site will help you organize and book your flight as easily as SCOTTEVEST helps you organize your stuff and get through airport security.  Yes, that’s saying a lot!

This is how it works: enter your dates and cities for travel, hit “search” and see a graphic layout of all your flight options as if you were looking at a day planner.  Longer flights (if there are layovers, etc.) are represented by longer bars.  Sort by price, departure/arrival time, or what they call “agony” – a combination of price/duration/number of stops.

Hipmunk is hands-down the best organized flight booking site online.  We’re planning a trip to a trade show in March, and what would otherwise take careful examination of departure and arrival times is intuitive and easy to check at a glance.  If you travel a lot, this will cut your flight booking time down by 80%.  And because they work with all the major airlines, you’re not missing out on any deals.  

via scottevest.posterous.com

The fine folks at SCOTTEVEST are always coming up with ways to take the agony out of packing for a flight. They’re a bunch of travel geeks striving to make the ultimate travel clothing — pockets for everything.

We’re thrilled to see that they’re fans of our agony-reducing chipmunk, so much so that they’ve devoted a chunk of their newsletter just to say such nice things about us. Thank you!

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