Hipmunk had a great week thanks to you: @NYTimes article, appearance on @MarketingTWI, lots of infographic love, and a meeting with a U.S. Ambassador!

What a week we had! A New York Times article on Thursday about the search for better airfares was very kind to our aviator chipmunk, giving hipmunk.com a great nod as a standout travel search engine. Our co-founder Adam Goldstein even got the last word about what sets hipmunk apart from the rest.

Hipmunk, a new travel search engine, uses the same software from ITA as Kayak and Orbitz, but the search results are presented differently. Instead of showing a list of flights on multiple pages, it maps them based on time of day, all on one page. And instead of ranking them just by price and schedule, it ranks them based on “agony,” a score it creates based on things like price, duration of the flight and number of stops.

“We’re acknowledging there are too many choices out there,” said Adam Goldstein, who co-founded Hipmunk after graduating from M.I.T. last summer.

Earlier last week we published an infographic created by Shaun Sanders (maker of that shark vs kayak remix) to highlight the striking rise in baggage fee revenue over the years. You all weren’t the only ones who liked it.

Haven’t seen it yet? Well, here’s our original entry announcing it. Feel free to pass it along to your family’s mailing list with a snarky subjectline or post it to your blog. We always love a link back to hipmunk, but we love people enjoying our work even more. Share this infographic with gusto!

I was off in Rome this week to speak at Social Media Week and had the chance to meet the U.S. Ambassador to Italy, David Thorne — he’s quite the startup guy himself. Note the fine attire I wore for the occasion. They’re for sale on spreadshirt.hipmunk.com if you’ve got an ambassador to meet and want a hipmunk shirt of your own

I ended the week as the guest via skype on the latest episode of This Week in Marketing (video below).

Thank you all so much for all the enthusiasm and energy that we see every single day from happy hipmunks spreading the word about our agony-free approach to travel search. We couldn’t be soaring without you!

And if you’re curious, I checked with Adam after the interview and confirmed that we’re currently getting hundreds of thousands of users a month.

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