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Thanks for reaching out to the Hipmunk Navigators. We’re called the Navigators, because it’s our job to help you navigate our products. For help using our website, or apps, or for questions about any booking made using the Hipmunk search tools, the fastest resource are these Hipmunk help articles.

If you’re unable to find what you’re looking for here, send an email to support@hipmunk.com. Due to ticket volume, please understand that we are only able respond back to certain tickets only.

-The Hipmunk Navigators

Reservation questions

Hotel check in help

Even when you search and book hotels via the Hipmunk site, reservations are always booked directly with hotel booking providers and online travel agencies (OTAs) like Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz, and more. It is the providers and OTA’s that take payment and book the reservation with the hotel.

For any hotel check in help, reach out to the hotel booking provider that your reservation is booked with. You can find their name and phone number located on your hotel reservation page.

Need your reservation page? Check the “My Bookings” section of your Hipmunk account.


To get you checked in, the hotel booking provider will contact the hotel front desk to verify the reservation or work with the hotel to ensure your online reservation is honored. If you’ve already paid the front desk for a new reservation, contact the provider to seek a refund.

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Getting your flight confirmation

Hipmunk does not provide your confirmation flight confirmation because we are a search engine rather than a booking service. Although you search flights through Hipmunk, you are always redirected to another site to book your flight with the airline or supplier. You’ll receive an email confirmation from them. If you do not receive your flight confirmation, we recommend that you call the provider directly.

Make sure your take note of the company you booked with in case you don’t receive your confirmation. Don’t remember who you booked with? Don’t fret! Check your credit card statement to see who charged you.

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Change or cancel a flight reservation

Although you searched through Hipmunk, flights reservations are always booked directly with the airline or 3rd party provider. You’ll need to contact the site you booked your ticket with directly to make any changes or cancellations to your itinerary.

Not sure who you booked with? Don’t worry! Just check the statement of the card you used to make the payment. The company that charged you for the reservation is the company you booked with directly. For a list of provider phone numbers and resources, visit our provider resource page.

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Cancel or changing a hotel reservation

Although you’re able to search and book hotels via the Hipmunk site, reservations are always booked directly with hotel booking providers and online travel agencies.

It is the providers and OTA’s that take payment and make the reservation. Because of this, they manage all aspects of the reservation including canceling or changing a hotel reservation. If you have any questions or complaints about your stay, these inquiries are directed there as well.

You can find the name of the hotel booking provider you booked with directly on your hotel confirmation page.



If you’re unsure who you booked with, don’t fret! Just check your credit card transactions to see who charged you for the reservation. We’re happy to provide you with any providers phone number if you need it.

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Provider resources

As a metasearch site, Hipmunk is able to find flights and hotels sold vendors and put them in one place for you to compare. When you book, you’re actually still booking with the company selling the ticket or room, not Hipmunk. Because all reservations are still made with the seller, that is who you will contact for any reservation questions, updates, or cancelations.

Please note that airlines and booking providers have different policies regarding additional baggage fees, seat selection, ticket holding, cancellation, and other services. Hotels have different policies regarding check in and out times, parking fees, resort fees, and cancelation terms. All related inquiries should be directed toward the airline or booking provider with whom you are planning your trip.

If you don’t remember who you booked with, don’t worry! The easiest way to find out is to check your credit card transactions to see who charged you. The company that charged you is the company you’ll need to contact

Below is a list of some of our partner providers, and their phone numbers in case you have questions about your booking:

1-800-433-7300 American Airlines Help
1-888-247-2262 Air Canada Help
1-800-252-7522 Alaska Airlines Help
1-800-864-8331 United Airlines Help
1-801-401-2222 Spirit Airlines Help
1-877-359-8474 Virgin America Help
1-801-401-9000 Frontier Airlines Help
1-800-538-2583 jetBlue Help
1-800-262-1234 Air New Zealand Help
1-800-645-3880 Lufthansa Help
1-800-210-6508 Air France Help
1-800-882-8122 Air China Help
011 44 871 246 0002 Ryan Air Help
3rd Party Sites
1-800-319-4834 Expedia Help
1-866-855-3984 ExploreTrip Help
1-800-711-1755 FlightHub Help
1-888-866-9303 Hop2 Help
1-800-717-5015 JustFly Help
1-844-663-2266 Orbitz Help
1-877-477-5807 Priceline Help
1-646-568-7508 Travel2be Help
1-678-666-2853 TravelMerry Help
1-855-201-7800 Travelocity Help
1-650-265-1856 Vayama Help

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Change currency

Change currency by looking at the flag icon located in the top right corner of the page. If you click on it, a drop-down menu will appear with a list of countries next to their corresponding flags. Selecting a different country will display prices in that particular country’s currency.


Please keep in mind that to see and buy flights in a currency, sellers from must have a “point of sale” in that country. Otherwise the currency will revert back to their default currency once you redirect to book. For example, WestJet always reverts back to CAD, even if you search in USD, because they don’t have a US point of sale. Please always double check the currency before finalizing your purchase.

Note: CAD will always be displayed as C$. And all “Packages” are displayed in USD.

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Search for Airbnb

Hipmunk is the only meta search engine that lets you search for Airbnb results alongside hotel results! Simply run a hotel search and click on the “More Filters +” button. A dropdown will appear. Under the “Chains” section, select the checkbox next to “Airbnb.” Voila!


If you prefer to see how to do this on video….

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Sort hotels by “Best Match”

“Best Match” is our default hotel sorting option which is a combination of lowest price, stars, customer rating. We also have other sorting options to choose from including price, stars, rating, and savings.

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Hotel Searching

If you need help running a basic hotel search, try asking The Hipmunk! It’s our new artificial intelligence feature that helps you coordinate travel by simply sending an email to the address hello@hipmunk.com. For example:

To: hello@hipmunk.com

“@Hipmunk, show me hotels in Miami, Feb 13th – Feb 17th”

Hello Hipmunk Hotel Search EmailWe recommend giving it a try when you want to search for flights and/or hotels to get the fastest results, rather than waiting for us to scurry back to our desks.

To learn more and get started using Hello Hipmunk, click here.

If you want to search manually, visit https://www.hipmunk.com/hotels and enter your travel cities, dates, the number of travelers, and the number of rooms needed. Then, just click the orange “Search” button.

Hotel Searching Example

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Navigating through hotel results

Hipmunk’s hotel product makes it easy to search and compare options all on one page. Our goal is to get you to your perfect match as quickly as possible while instilling confidence that you made the right decision.

Here’s how it works:

Flip each hotel card for a quick info view

Use natural language to search for your desired amenities

Measure the distance and travel time to your point of interest

Create a shortlist and compare your favorite options


Search flights found on ITA Matrix

If an itinerary found using ITA Matrix is still available, you should be find it using Hipmunk as well. Although Hipmunk doesn’t have a tool that specifically searches itineraries using ITA fare codes, you can use the tools available to narrow down your options until you locate the one you’re searching for.

To search flights found on ITA Matrix, start by running a basic round trip flight search. Visit www.hipmunk.com/flights and enter your travel cities, dates, and number of passengers. Then click the orange “search” button. For complex multi-city searches, make sure to select the “Multi-city” option above the search bar. Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 9.52.56 AM

Once the results load, we suggest using the “airline” filter and time sliders to find flight options that match the carrier and time of the flight you are looking for. Or for more help using our flight results tools, visit our article “Navigating through flight results/Booking a flight

Once you narrow down the flight options, you can hover your mouse over each flight bar to find the specific ones you’re looking for.


Once you find all of the individual flights that are listed in your ITA Matrix itinerary and select each leg using the steps above, a Hipmunk flight details page will appear with booking options from different airlines and/or 3rd party providers.

By clicking any of the “Book” button, you will be redirected to the airline or third party provider site, to make the final reservation. After paying for your reservation, the company you book with will send you your emailed flight confirmation.

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Change currency

Change currency by looking at the flag icon located in the top right corner of the page. If you click on it, a drop-down menu will appear with a list of countries next to their corresponding flags. Selecting a different country will display prices in that particular country’s currency.


Please keep in mind that to see and buy flights in a currency, sellers from must have a “point of sale” in that country. Otherwise the currency will revert back to their default currency once you redirect to book. For example, WestJet always reverts back to CAD, even if you search in USD, because they don’t have a US point of sale. Please always double check the currency before finalizing your purchase.

Note: CAD will always be displayed as C$. And all “Packages” are displayed in USD.

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Price discrepancy

A price discrepancy is the rare occasion when you see price on Hipmunk but, when you redirect to book, the price isn’t the same on the sellers site. This can occur on any meta search engine when searching for flights.

To understand why this happens, Hipmunk aggregates tons of flight fares from airlines, and third party providers, and put them in one place for you to compare. It is these companies that are selling the flights and we rely on them to provide us with the most accurate information for the flights they’re selling. The airlines are also constantly changing flight fares so, finding differences in prices can occur if the fare was recently adjusted.

If you encounter this experience, return to the home page and search again in a few minutes. You should see that the price on our site adjusts to match the price on the sellers site.

If you find the price is not adjusting as expected, shoot us an email at support@hipmunk.com to let us know. We’ll need the link to the flight overview page on Hipmunk so we can see the specific flights chosen and who is selling them. We’ll be happy to reach out to our partner to make sure the price on their site is shared with us.

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Fare alert price is gone

Fare alerts are automated emails that send anytime a lower price is detected for a particular route your watching. When you receive a fare alert, its important to act on it as soon as possible. This is because flight fares are set by the airlines and can change at any time based on demand and a multitude of other factors. Once a price is increased on the sellers site, it will adjust on our site as well.

If your fare alert price is gone, or became unavailable quickly, we apologize. When our fare alerts are sent, we do not know how much inventory is available at that price or how long it may be available.

For instance, if someone runs a search for your route and one of our partners returns a super low price, our system detects that drop and shoots out a fare alert to everyone watching the route. If there are only a couple seats available from this seller, they may sell out very quickly. Or, if the seller’s pricing system detects an increase in interest for that route, the price may rise again. Because flight prices are dictated by the sellers and can be quite volatile, we cannot guarantee how long a price will be available.

Please understand that Hipmunk is not able to dictate pricing as we do not sell the flights. We can only search for current pricing and availability.

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Multi City Searches

Multi city searches are great for creating itineraries for multiple destinations in one trip! Or if you need to depart one airport and return to a different one – this options works too!

On the front page, select multi city from the options directly above the search form. It will be included with roundtrip, one way, and price graph. For this type of trip, you can search up to six different legs, rather than searching for separate one way flights.

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What is “Agony”?

Agony is our unique and default sort option for flights. Price isn’t the only factor to consider when booking a flight, so “Agony” is a combination of price, flight duration, and the number of stops. Flights sorted by Agony show you the best options for both your wallet and schedule. And, of course, Hipmunk also provides the option to sort individually by price, duration, takeoff, landing with additional filters for Airlines, Airports and number of stops.

Time slider bar

The bar at the top of your results is a timeline of the day/s selected in the search form. You will notice two airplane icons that appear as though they are taking off and landing on either end. These are “time sliders”.

By clicking and dragging one of these icons, you can adjust your search results to show only the specific times you want to travel based on takeoff/landing time.

Prices, taxes, & fees

All flight prices on our site are round trip (unless you search one way) and per person. Prices also include all government-mandated taxes and fees.

Optional fees charged by airlines are not included. Example of options fees may include:

  • Travel insurance
  • Bag fees (depends on route, airline, reward status, cabin)
  • Seat selection (often still free if you choose not to elect seats)
  • In flight food or entertainment
  • Unaccompanied minor service
  • Pet tickets
  • Flight changes or cancellations (24 hour cancellation sometimes available)
  • Certain ways of checking in for your flight (only on some budget airlines)

Please read the full terms of your itinerary and the airline operating your flight to know what fees may be incurred.

Search Amtrak

Hipmunk is the only meta search site that includes Amtrak results along with flight results, when available. If Amtrak results are present for a particular search, you can click the “Airlines” filter button and select “Amtrak” to see only Amtrak results.

Amtrak stations that are separate from airports will also appear in the autocomplete form on a standard flight search when searching by city name.

Hold a flight with “TripLock”

To hold a flight, use Options Away’s TripLock. This service allows you to pay a small fee to temporarily reserve seats without completely booking. No more cancelation fees or missed refunds!

If TripLock is available for the flight you are hoping to reserve, you will find it listed on your Hipmunk overview page along with the other providers selling this itinerary.

Please keep in mind that all reservations and payment is done directly on their website. For questions or help with a reservation, reach out to the Options Away team directly.

Flight Itinerary Page

There are also some airlines and third-party providers that offer flight holding options on their own sites. For example, American Airlines offers a free 24 hour flight hold directly on their website.

If you do not see an option on the Hipmunk itinerary page to hold a flight, click on one of the provider options to check out their payment options. Providers that do not offer flight holding options may still offer a 24-hour cancellation and/or refund policy upon completing a reservation. Be sure to read the terms of the purchase carefully before booking.

Flexible dates

You can look up flights with flexible dates by using the calendar to click on a date and drag your cursor over your date range, up to three days. Also, you can manually use your + or signs to enter the number of days (up to two) after each date in the corresponding date field of the search menu.

You can also use the flex date chart if you are already on the results page.

For even more flexibility, use our 90-day Price Graph. Visit our homepage, enter your cities, and choose the “Price Graph” option.

Search multiple airports

There are three ways to search multiple airports on Hipmunk.

Some big cities have their own “city code”. For example, NYC searches all New York City airports and QSF searches all San Francisco-area airports. You can also search by city rather than using a code. That will return results for all airports in that cities area. Alternatively, you can search multiple specific airports by using commas to separate them. For example, LGA,EWR,JFK or SFO,OAK,SJC.

Flight searching

There are two simple ways to run a flight search on our site.

1. Send an email to Hello Hipmunk!

Hello Hipmunk is our virtual travel assistant that provides one-way and round-trip flight results when you email hello@hipmunk.com. If you’re already coordinating with friends, just add Hello Hipmunk to the email chain and ask your question. Make sure to use “@Hipmunk” so Hello Hipmunk knows you’re asking for help.

For example: “@Hipmunk, I need flights from SFO to Miami, Feb 13th – Feb 17th”

Hello Hipmunk Flight Search Email

To learn more about Hello Hipmunk and how it works, visit www.hipmunk.com/hello

2. Use our online tools!

Access flight results from tons of airline sites and third party providers such as Expedia, Orbitz, Priceline, and more using our website. It’s the same tool our team uses to search and we always show you everything we find!

Visit www.hipmunk.com/flights and pick between the following options:

Roundtrip: Flights to and from a specific destination
One-Way: Flights to a specific destination without a return trip
Multi-City: Flights involving to more than one destination
Price Graph: Current pricing for a specific round-trip over the next 90 days

Flight Searching Example

Once your trip type is selected, enter your travel cities, dates, the number of passengers, and your cabin preference. Then, click the orange “search” button.

Wanting to search flexible dates, alternative airports, avoid specific airports, or some other funky search request? Check out these quick HipTip video tutorials!

Navigating through flight results/Booking a flight

At the top of your flight results page, you’ll see the time of day along with our Time Sliders, which allow you to filter flights to the exact times of the day you prefer to travel.

You can also filter your search by using the sort buttons: Agony, Price, Duration, Takeoff, and Landing. Additionally, you can select your preferred airlines and number of stops.

First, you will see your departure flight results. Each colored rectangle represents a separate flight. Gaps in between two rectangles indicate a stop. If you roll your cursor over each flight option, you will see more details on that particular option. To the left of each flight, you will see the price that is associated with that particular option. When you are ready to select an option, you can either click “Select Leg”, or simply click on the colored rectangle that represents the flight.

Flight Results Departure Page

After selecting your departure flight, the results page will shift and give you the opportunity to filter and select a return trip. At any point in time, you can change your departure option by navigating toward the top of the page and clicking the “Change Departure” button. Once you have found both of the options that fit your needs, click the orange “Book” button on the return trip page, or simply click the rectangle that represents the flight.

Flight Results Return Page

After selecting both flights and hitting “Book”, you have the opportunity to review your selections in one list with full details for each flight on the Hipmunk itinerary page. On this page you will still have the option to go back and change your flights by clicking the “back to flight results”, located at the top of your page.  If you want to save this itinerary, you can click the “Save Flight” button that features a heart. This will store this itinerary in your account so that you can visit later and book if there is still availability.

**Please note: Saving a flight does not reserve the ticket for you and does not guarantee the price will stay the same.

To the right of your flight details, you will see a list of airlines and providers offering tickets for this particular itinerary. Sometimes there are only a few or even one provider. Below the list you will see options to email this itinerary if you would like to share with friends, family, or colleagues, add it to your calendar, or receive a fare alert for this search.

Once you are ready to book the flight, simply click the orange “Book” button located to the right of the provider that you want to book with.

Flight Itinerary Page

**Please note: Once you click “Book” you will be redirected to that particular provider’s website to complete the booking process. If you have any questions beyond this point regarding additional services, fees, or website issues, you will need to contact the provider directly.

Set up a fare alert

Fare alerts allow you to receive notifications on a fare decrease to the flights you are interested in.

To set up a fare alert, simply begin your one-way or roundtrip flight search. Once the results appear you will see an option to receive fare alerts on the left-hand side of the blue search bar.

You can also set up a fare alert on the final Hipmunk itinerary page of any trip.

Fare Alerts 2

To manage fare alerts and other Hipmunk emails, simply log in to your Hipmunk account, click on the Account Settings tab and choose “Email and Alerts”. Here you can easily manage and delete any alert you no longer want receive.

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What makes Hipmunk so hip!

We make it fast and easy to see flights that minimize “agony”—that is, we show you flights that have the lowest prices, the shortest durations, and the fewest layovers. We also display flights on a visual chart much like TV Guide. Seeing your flights in a chart helps determine how flights will affect your day.

As an added searching bonus, we include Amtrak train options along with flights! Get searching now by visiting https://www.hipmunk.com/flights

For hotels, we show the “Best Match” ones first —that is, hotels that have the lowest prices, highest star rating, and best reviews. Our new hotel product allows you to use natural language to search for the specific amenities that fit your needs, determine the distance to a point of interest from any hotel option on the map, and flip cards for quick details. All of the features of our hotel product allow for users to easily compare options without having to open multiple tabs on their web browser.

As a bonus, our hotel search results includes Airbnb in addition to traditional hotels. Now you can search hotels, apartment and house rentals all in one place!

Hello Hipmunk is another feature that separates us from other sites. Hello Hipmunk is our virtual travel assistant that can help you find flights and hotels without even having to visit our website. Visit https://www.hipmunk.com/hello for more info on how to get started. Hello Hipmunk can even integrate with Google Calendar to make it easy to find flights and hotels for upcoming trips.

Our mobile apps also offer special last-minute Tonight Deals, allowing you to save up to 60 percent on last minute hotels.

Hipmunk offers the most comprehensive set of flight and hotel options. We compare all the top travel sites so you don’t have to. Our goal is to provide you with the fastest, easiest way to plan travel.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to support@hipmunk.com anytime!

Didn’t find what you were looking for? No problem!

Shoot us a message at support@hipmunk.com & we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.