Hipmunk Key Features – Defined!

Hipmunk uses innovative ways to take the agony out of travel search and booking. Whether it’s hotels, flights or business travel, we think the process can always be better! If you’ve used Hipmunk, you may have come across some of our unique features that set us apart from other travel sites. Here they are defined!

The automatic sort of flight results on Hipmunk. A combination of price, flight duration, and number of stopovers. 

The automatic sort of hotel results on Hipmunk. A combination of price, amenities, and reviews.

A sort option for flights in Hipmunk Business Class. A combination of high price, long duration, and numerous stopovers. 

A feature to use when searching for hotels. Choose a category such as food, sights, shop, nightlife, vice, or walk to see where are the best areas for your interests.
There you have it! Have a favorite Hipmunk feature? Tell us!

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