Hipmunk Me! Be among the first to act in the next 24hrs and we’ll draw you a special hipmunk of your own

This is something I’ve been meaning to do since @Jenny8Lee gave me the idea a few months after Steve & I launched reddit. We’ve been so overwhelmed with support & love from all of you hipmunks that it seemed like the right time to offer you a chance to have a special hipmunk of your own.

You’ll recognize our guest artist if you’re an active redditor — we’ve recruited Sure_Ill_Draw_That of reddit fame. I simply don’t have the mad skills to crank out art quickly, let alone so skillfully, so it’s an honor to have a famous redditor doing all this custom artwork.

Here are the first ones we made for Ben Parr and Robert Scoble:

Benparr Robert-scoble See the full gallery on Posterous But we’d like our fabulous fans (not just tech celebrities) to have a special hipmunk, too!

Step 1

Simply like our facebook page (click here if you haven’t already) and that’ll let you tag a status update with @hipmunk (which will also post to our wall and enable you to be hipmunked).

Step 2

Then just write a status update that tells us your favorite travel destination and/or activity along with “Hipmunk Me!” (tagged so we’re notified of it).

Step 3

Click share! And as long as you’re one of the first 500 people to participate in the next 12 hours (until 10pm eastern today), you’ll get your completed hipmunk within a couple days (our artist has a proper day job, after all).

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