Hipmunk Named One of the Best New User Experiences of 2010 by @Mashable


One thing we loved about Hipmunk from the start is that it took a traditionally bad user experience — airline flight search — and made it into a good one.

This startup reimagined the most important element of online flight search: how results are displayed. It took a convoluted, multi-entry/multi-exit process and made it simple to behold and linear to walk through, creating a user experience that is far from the stress-inducing nightmare flight search once was.

The company has also hinted it will be turning its eyes toward other types of travel services soon, possibly hotel search. We can’t wait.

To get the big picture, check out the video above, and the excellent interview blogger Robert Scoble conducted with Hipmunk co-founder Steve Huffman.

via mashable.com

Thank you very much, Mashable! We’ve always strived to put users first, so we’re thrilled you’ve chosen hipmunk as one of this year’s best new user experiences.

We’ve got plenty more on the way, but this is great motivation to continue innovating the agony out of travel search.

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