Hipmunk News: New Hotel Search with Neighborhoods

When we first launched our hotel search in March 2011, it was the best on the market. Today it gets even more innovative. What we’ve built for you is simple: a matchmaker between you and your perfect hotel.

How does it work? Well, as with our other products, we’ve built this tool around a strong data visualization: a map. As you mouse around a city, you’ll be able to discover more detail about neighborhoods. 

And if you’re curious to learn more about a neighborhood, just click it to get more information about what kinds of things you’ll find there. You’ll see, for example, which ones are family-friendly, magnets for foodies, steeped in history, gay-friendly, and hubs for tourists and more.

If you tell us the purpose of your trip by clicking one of the neighborhood filters, we go one step further and recommend particular neighborhoods for you. (No longer do you have to worry about staying in the boring business district while you’re in town for a romantic getaway.)

Once you figure out where you want to stay, we show you the hotels, vacation rentals and apartment rentals in the area. We pull in user reviews too, so you can see what others have thought without opening multiple websites.

But that’s not even half of what’s new. We also called up tens of thousands of hotels, both inside and outside the US, to figure out exactly how much they charge for wi-fi, parking, and resort fees. Now you’ll see all the fees up front, before you book your hotel, along with high-quality hotel pictures and prices from multiple hotel websites.

And we’ve built it all for extreme speed. You can easily update your city or travel dates or search for a particular hotel. And in each case, you’ll get results back instantly.

Along with all this new stuff, we’ve also kept things our users like most. If you don’t particularly care where you stay, you can just sort results by price or user reviews—neighborhood be damned. And if you’re a subscriber to Hipmunk for Business and you can give Hipmunk access to your work calendar, we’ll show you exactly where your meetings are.

All of this is available on our website today: http://www.hipmunk.com/hotels.

Also, check out these great reviews from VentureBeat, TechCrunch, GigaOM and The Next Web Thanks as always for your support and feedback!


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