Hipmunk News: “Tonight-Only” Hotel Deals and Fare Alerts on Mobile App

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It’s an exciting day for travelers who are looking to find the best travel deals. We’ve launched two brand new products to help you find the best deals directly on your mobile device: “Tonight-Only” hotel deals and Fare Alerts!

“Tonight-Only” Hotel Deals

Tonight Only hotel deals are last-minute deals with up to 60% off standard room rates that you can find through the Hipmunk apps. Using the Tonight Only feature, you can view exclusive last-minute hotel deals in your area. These hotel deals are available for US and international destinations, and can be booked directly through Hipmunk.


If you like to book your travel before check-in day, you can still find discounted hotel rates that can be reserved up to 72 hours in advance by doing a hotel search on the website or app. Discounted rates are highlighted in green and shown in the hotel results. These new mobile deals are perfect for road trips, last-minute business trips, or spontaneous getaways. Book on-the-go without leaving the app!


Fare Alerts

FareAlertsDetailWith this app update, we’ve also introduced one of our popular web features to mobile: Fare Alerts. Sign-up for Fare Alerts from your mobile device just like you would on the website. Run a flight search and then simply select “subscribe” while you wait for your results to load. Or, once you’re at the results page, click the envelope at the top right corner of the page to begin receiving an alert for that route. Along with subscribing to alerts on mobile, you can also receive Fare Alerts on your mobile device. Fare Alerts can be sent via a push notification or email, and you can easily manage them in the account settings hub within the app. So, once you see the price you like, quickly book the flight right on your phone.


The Hipmunk Flight and Hotel App is available for free from the App Store and Google Play.

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