Today we’ve launched updates to both our Android and iOS apps! Both apps have completely new looks and features to help you easily plan travel. Here’s a breakdown of all the new features you’ll see when you update your app.


1-homepageThe Hipmunk app had a complete makeover for iOS 7 and as a result, searching for travel is faster and easier than ever. Every screen has been updated with clean lines and simple colors – goodbye shading, gradients and visual clutter. Our iOS team created the new interface of the app to embody the best elements of iOS 7, while keeping the Hipmunk functionality.

2-flights-listOur flight search got the largest makeover for iOS. We eliminated harsh colors and useless information, and updated the app with bright colors and clean lines so flight information is neatly displayed. You’ll still see our iconic flight bars on the results page, but their updated and simple design will help you to make quicker decisions. Once you select a flight bar, you’ll see more details directly on the page, and if the text is hard to read, pinch to zoom-in on your phone for a better view. If you’re searching for hotels, you’ll notice the same design and color updates too. Large photos of Tonight Only Hotel deals are showcased at the bottom of the homepage so you can navigate through the hotels, easily compare prices, and find the best one for you.




With our Android update, we’ve added features to help you explore new destinations and see your personal travel information. These features can all be accessed on the app’s homepage. If you’re logged into your Hipmunk account, your homepage will be personalized with your fare alerts which will let you easily monitor prices for upcoming trips. If you’re not logged in, you can find great Tonight Only Hotel deals in your location. Whether you’re searching for flights or hotels, all this navigation can be done in the new drawer, which helps to make searching, dreaming, or exploring, extremely easy.

Android DrawerFor fun, we asked our lead mobile designer, Moiz Syed, what his favorite changes were to the iOS and Android apps. He responded:

“For iOS, I liked that we used parallax on the home screen…the clouds move and respond to users. And on Android, the drawer is nice, but I like how the top navigation bar fades in as you scroll and fades out when you don’t need it. ”

A great example of two small details that our design team added just for you!

Explore the newly designed and updated apps for yourself and let us know what your favorite features are!