Hipmunk Takes the World Cup: One Engineer’s Adventures in Brazil

One engineer + one Hipmunk =one big adventure.

That’s what happened when Hipmunk developer Wojtek decided, on a whim, to jet off to Brazil for a World Cup whirlwind getaway. A native of Germany, home of the team that just shocked the world by defeating Brazil in a historic performance, Wojtek had to be there to watch the futbol action in person.

It all happened in a matter of hours: on Wednesday, he made the decision and booked his flights and hotels on Hipmunk. By noon on Thursday, he boarded a plane bound for Rio de Janeiro. Thursday night he was hitting Copacabana Beach, where he lived it up with soccer fans from around the globe.

Whether you’re a diehard World Cup fan or a traveler dreaming of visiting Brazil, check out what Wojtek had to say about his spur-of-the-moment getaway:

What was your favorite moment of the trip?

Hummels sinking that ball into the net to take the lead 1-0 in the Germany vs. France game and thousands of fans cheering! Second favorite moment would be when Brazil beat Colombia and the whole city erupted into collective euphoria, with locals and tourists alike celebrating on the beaches and streets until dawn.

Which country has the craziest soccer fans?

Brazil, hands down! Futbol is like a religion there. Game days are considered unofficial national holidays, with shops and factories closed!

What was the best meal you ate in Rio?

An Acai smoothie! They’re available at any of the juice bars along Copacabana and Ipanema.

What’s the best way to prepare for a trip to Rio?

Hit the gym! Cariocas (Rio residents) live a very active beach lifestyle, playing soccer or volleyball even in the midday heat. It can be hard to keep up!

Would you travel to Brazil again?

Absolutely! Brazil in general—and Rio in particular—are among the most beautiful places in the world. Gorgeous beaches, fantastic scenery, and great weather throughout the year. What’s not to like?

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