Avoiding Hipmunk Timeshare Scams

There have been a small number of reports regarding a non Hipmunk entity impersonating Hipmunk with the intention of using the public’s trust of our company to conduct a timeshare scam. These impersonators are not affiliated with Hipmunk in any way and are targeting the general public. We confirm they have not accessed or obtained any customer information in any way. We advise anyone who has been contacted by these scammers to forward any correspondence directly to support@hipmunk.com and we will review with our legal team.

What is a timeshare scam?

Timeshare scams are common and any business name can be used to conduct these scams. The people involved in the scam will offer to purchase your condo or timeshare and have you agree to pay various fees in order to finalize a sale. However, once paid, the buyers suddenly disappear. Thus, the victims are left without any reimbursement of paid fees.

For more information on timeshare scams, visit the Federal Trade Commission Website on travel scams. A diagram from the FTC on how timeshare scams work can be found here.

How did they get the Hipmunk name?

Timeshare scams purposely use reputable company names to mislead the public into trusting them. The entity impersonating Hipmunk has not stolen any information or hacked into our databases in anyway. They have, however, contacted general public using our company name and have created fake emails, voicemails, and brochures using our name.

What to look for:

Any correspondence (emails, phone calls, voice messages, or brochures) asking to purchase your timeshare or condo properties. Hipmunk is a search engine and does not purchase property or own rental properties in anyway.

All valid Hipmunk emails come only from the Hipmunk.com domain. Any others are unauthorized and invalid. Hipmunk only contacts customers via a designated customer service channel (support@hipmunk.com).

What to do if you’ve been contacted by a Hipmunk impersonator:

If you believe you have been contacted timeshare scammers impersonating Hipmunk, please reach out to our customer service team at support@hipmunk.com.

If you’ve received a phone call or voicemail, please take note of the phone number and send it to us along with any information and names you are able to record.

If you’ve received an emailed brochure or contract, you can help us locate these impersonators by providing the IP address of the sender using the email header. Instructions for finding the IP address using Yahoo, Gmail, & Outlook can be found here. For Hotmail and AOL find instructions here.

For any questions, feel free to reach out to our support team!

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