Hipmunk’s Bot Now Accepts Payments on Facebook Messenger

Hipmunk’s bot division, Hello Hipmunk, last week launched a new feature that accepts payments for hotels directly within Hello on Facebook Messenger. Hipmunk is one of the first out of more than 30,000 developers working on the platform to implement this ability.

So, what’s new, exactly?

  • When customers search for hotels on Hello Messenger the “see hotel details” link now opens a new hotel details webview directly in the Messenger App (see how it looks below). The view is streamlined to provide only the essential details for customers on the go.

  • In-app bookings. In many cases, the hotel will allow customers to make an in-app booking. In this case, customers will be able to use payment information they have saved on Facebook (or enter new info if they haven’t saved any) to reserve their room without ever leaving Messenger.

What are the benefits of payments on Hello’s Facebook Messenger Bot?

Customers who use the Hello Messenger bot are actively engaged Messenger users. Thus, allowing customers to book and pay for their hotels directly within Messenger removes a layer of friction in the booking process. As more developers enable payments and more customers save their payment information with Facebook, booking with Messenger will become tangibly easier than web or mobile app. Just a few taps and you have a room reserved!

Can I check it out?

Yes, please do! Go to Messenger and search for a hotel today! Here’s what to expect:

Say a user searches for a hotel in West Palm Beach. Once they click “See hotel details”, a new card will display showing the customer key details on the hotel (amenities, location and customer reviews):

Clicking “Select” will navigate the customer to a payment screen. If the hotel does not offer in-app booking they will be taken to the hotel’s booking page.

Customers are only able to pay with payment credentials saved on Facebook. Don’t worry: if you haven’t saved your credit card on Facebook yet, you can add a new one. When you select “add payment info”, Facebook’s native payments dialogue displays:


After the hotel is purchased, a receipt is displayed to customers in the Messenger thread. Customers are able to click to see their full receipt, get a map to the hotel, or call the hotel.

So say “hello” to your newest travel friend. Thanks to Hello Hipmunk’s Facebook Messenger bot, you can search and book travel, all without having to leave Facebook.

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