The holidays mark one of the busiest times to travel. Most people are traveling to visit their friends and family, and want to get there as quickly as possible! In a recent Hipmunk user survey, we learned some interesting things around how people travel, and what they think traveling should be like during the holidays. Here’s what we discovered:

  • 18% of respondents admitted to traveling to AVOID family during the holidays. Instead of visiting Mom and Dad, they may have booked a ticket for an exotic vacation!
  • Non-millennials were 32% more likely to travel to avoid seeing family than millennials. Basically, the younger generation isn’t as eager to avoid their families as non-millennials (at least not yet!)
  • 68% said they would like to fly on a special “Holiday flight.” That’s a flight that serves free hot cocoa, spiked eggnog, and warm apple cider, along with freshly baked gingerbread cookies, while playing classic holiday movies for in-flight entertainment. Millennials were 33% more likely to prefer this than non-millennials.

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