New: Hotel Search on Mobile!

You’ve been asking, and so we’re pleased to announce that hotel search and booking is now available for free through our iOS and Android mobile apps. Until now, just flight search was available on the go, but with this major update, we’re bringing our innovative, visual hotel search to hundreds of millions of mobile devices, including yours! Check out these great reviews from TechCrunch, VentureBeat, San Francisco Chronicle and CNET!

Hot on the heels of our successful 2011 launches of the iOS and Android apps, our mobile developers, Danilo Campos and Ryan Oldenburg, have been cranking away on this since summer. They’ve brought the same unique, map-based hotel experience you know and love from our website to our apps. Now, you have Hipmunk’s inventory of over 300,000 global hotels at your fingertips. 

Here’s a quick walkthrough of what you’ll see (on iPhone):

First off, we noticed that most of our users who were searching for hotels from mobile browsers were searching for a hotel for that night. So we automatically search from your current location, enabled by GPS, with ability to enter a new destination:

We use “Ecstasy,” a combination of reviews, prices and amenities to figure out your best options. The hotels we think you’ll like show up as colorful dots. Red ones are pricey, green ones are cheap and blue ones are average.

But picking a hotel is unique to an individual, which is why we let you filter by price or chain, and overlay heatmaps:

Heatmaps let you see which parts of a city are most active for different interests, including food, nightlight, shopping, and tourist attractions:

So let’s grab a hotel. Click on the colored dot for quick hotel details:

Tap again to see more details on that hotel:

We also let you see TripAdvisor reviews if you’re interested:

And when you’re ready to book, we give you options. You can book through the supplier, email the link to a family member, colleague or friend, or receive the finish code so you can finish the booking from a desktop:

And here’s what you’ll see on iPad:

And on Android:

And it’s that simple! The Hipmunk Flight and Hotel Search App is available for free from the App Store here and Android Market here.

Update your app or download it, test it out, and let us know what you think!

— Adam

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