How Travel Changes You


This is a Hipmunk post from Jodi Ettenberg of Legal Nomads.

Shannon O’Donnell from A Little Adrift just wrote a lovely post about her travels and how four years of moving around the world has affected her. She has been through Europe, Asia and Central America and has come away with a slew of important lessons learned. The paragraph that stood out for me was:

“At the core of it all, travel has recalibrated the point of view through which I approach problems and situations in my life, it has given me a sense of gratitude for what I have in my life through nothing more than circumstance of birth, and even more grateful for my ability to share that message with others. I know more, and though I have learned much, I understand less than I once thought. My view of the world has taken flight like a bird—outside of the microcosm of my country there is a pulsating planet of other people, like me and yet so very different; so different from what I am, have ever been, and will ever be. I appreciate travel if for no other reason than for the fact that I now feel more able to take the proverbial step into another person’s shoes and imagine their struggles, feel their hopes, and respect their successes and failures.”

For the rest of Shannon’s post, click here.
For those who travel, long or short, how was travel changed you?



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