How To Unlock the Airplane Lavatory Door (From the Outside)

I learned this simple hack while touring an airline’s facilities in Dubai. Invited to pilot an A380 (simulator, of course — blog entry on that to come), I couldn’t help but also explore all the equipment installed for training and safety purposes. There’s nearly an entire plane for flight attendants and the like to run training simulations; air travel is incredibly safe, but they spared no expense in the equipment designed to help in the event of an emergency. And they diligently teach employees to know how to use all of it.

Unlocking a bathroom from the outside could save a life in the right scenario. Hipmunk is not responsible for any of the shenanigans you may cause knowing how to unlock this type of airplane bathroom. We hope you’ll use this knowledge for good. Or possibly to prank your college friends.

  • Step 1: Approach locked lavatory
  • Step 2: Lift “LAVATORY” sign
  • Step 3: Slide the knob into the unlocked position
  • Step 4: Cackle because you’ve just unlocked the bathroom from the outside

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