Hurricane Irene: Links, Resources, Maps and More

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Taking a break from delicious foods from Thailand and sunsets and storms, I wanted to focus on the storm that’s currently got most of eastern America (and Eastern America’s Hat, aka my country of Canada) captivated: Hurricane Irene. The first big hurricane of the season, it’s currently barrelling toward the East Coast and has residents along the seaboard scrambling to prepare and get out of the way. Here’s a roundup of resources and maps for those in its path or wanting to follow the progress of the storm.

Irene as seen from space on Aug 26th, image courtesy of NOAA:

Some Resources and Maps for the Next Few Days:

Storm Pulse’s interactive map allows you to add radar, probability cones and weather overlays and has one of the best interfaces for tracking the storm.

Reuters has a live-blog tracking tweets, videos, photos and more updated in real-time.

Another live-blog / tweet option is the Irene page from Breaking News.

NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association)’s hurricane Irene landing page.

FAQs and resources from the Washington Post, as well as their own hurricane tracker with updated radar maps, storm maps and NOAA watches.

Google’s Crisis Response division has put together a CrisisMap with interactive overlays, viewable below and here. As the hurricane makes landfall, they will be updating frequently.

Humane Society on keeping your pets safe during a hurricane.

Twitter lists are often a good place to get updated info. Reuters’ Social Media Editor Anthony De Rosa has curated one for US Weather.

If you’re in New York City, here’s an evacuation map for the low-lying areas first to be evacuated. Mayor Bloomberg has also announced a potential closing of the MTA and other public transportation on Saturday. For updates about the greater NY and NJ area, WNYC has the latest.

How to prep IT for a hurricane, from Computer World, as well as their list of apps and maps.

Dan Patterson’s “what do you pack for the hurricane?” discussion on Google Plus.

And for a little humor, a very tongue-in-cheek “preparedness” list for NY vs. the rest of the world.

Video of the hurricane from the International Space Station:

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