Hurricane Irma: Flight Searches Up, Prices Steady

hurricane irma flight searches

With Hurricane Irma bearing down on US territories and Southern coastal states, we wondered how it was affecting flight searches departing from cities potentially in the path of the storm. When we compared the data week-over-week, the results were pretty startling (although booking prices have remained steady in all cities, excepting San Juan, PR, which saw a nearly $200 average increase).

Here’s what we found:


Flight Searches

Avg. Booking Price

Key West, FL

+ 182%

$294 (+ $1)

Miami, FL

+ 147%

$326 (- $9)

Ft. Lauderdale

+ 141%

$215 (+ $14)

Savannah, GA

+ 29%

$579 (+ $5)

San Juan, PR

+ 25%

$440 (+ $193)

Jacksonville, FL

+ 14%

$460 (+ $55)



Methodology: Hipmunk analyzed flight searches as a share on Hipmunk as well as average booking prices for flights departing from Hurricane Irma cities from Sep 3-6, 2017 as compared to equivalent days the week prior (Aug 27 – 30, 2017). 


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