International Travel: 22 Cities Where Seasonal Prices Fall

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Seasoned and savvy travelers know that the fall is the best time to nab a great deal on international travel. With work and school back in full swing, the weather changing, and the holidays fast approaching, travel naturally wanes—along with prices at many off-season locations. That’s good news for those looking to expand their international travel portfolio. And it seems that Americans are as interested in going abroad as ever: year-over-year flight searches on Hipmunk for international destinations have stayed steady through the third quarter of 2017.

Wondering where you can best take advantage of the seasonal savings to spend your autumn abroad? Hipmunk analyzed a year’s worth of bookings and found 22 cities where international travel savings is historically at its peak percentage-off in either October or November and how much you’ll save by traveling in the fall versus on max flight prices. Here’s what we found:


Avg. Oct Airfare

Avg. Nov Airfare Savings

Abu Dhabi, UAE



Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



Auckland, New Zealand $1,282


Brussels, Belgium



Moscow, Russia



Osaka, Japan



Cape Town, South Africa



Dublin, Ireland



Dusseldorf, Germany 



Berlin, Germany



Hong Kong



Bangkok, Thailand



Prague, Czech Republic



Amsterdam, Netherlands



Taipei, Taiwan



Stockholm, Sweden



Vienna, Austria



Delhi, India



Copenhagen, Denmark



Tokyo, Japan



Paris, France



Rome, Italy



Methodology: Hipmunk analyzed RT flight bookings departing from the US to international cities from Oct 1, 2016 – Sep 30, 2017, to determine the lowest monthly pricing. Savings percentage is based on maximum monthly pricing per respective city.

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