Interview with Matt Harding from “Where the Hell is Matt”

Matt Harding is a dancing machine. He has filmed himself dancing all over the world and his video’s are always a hit. Where the Hell is Matt is a Hipmunk favorite – we can’t wait to see what city he’s in and where he’s getting his groove on.

Since Matt also loves the ‘munk, he has given us a special interview and some bloopers! Check out his answers and clips below!

1. If you could dance to any song in any city.. what would the two be?

Thriller in Manila.

2. I’m sure you have tons, but what’s one of your most ecstatic travel moments?

Setting foot on Antarctica.

3. Unfortunately, agonizing experiences can be a part of traveling. What’s one of your most agonizing moments?

Fifteen hour bus ride across the Serengeti. Body odor like I’ve never
imagined. Not my proudest moment when I handed a few shillings to the woman next to me so I could breathe out the tiny crack in her window.

4. Who’s one person whose dance moves you wish you had?

Sam Rockwell. 

5. What MUST you have whenever you travel?

Altoids for airplane breath.

6. What country have you not yet visited and is on top of your next itinerary?


7. Tell us the funniest thing that has happened while filming one of the video’s. Is there a secret bloopers reel?

There is! I just put it up.

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