iPhone Owner? Bring Word Lens on your Next Trip to the Spanish-speaking World

via questvisual.com

There are more languages on the way, but our tiny chipmunk brain has already been melted by what they can do translating Spanish into English (and vice-versa) in real-time, just by pointing your iPhone at the text written anywhere in the real world.

It’s like a pair of magic spectacles that translates everything you see — without any Internet connection! Keep an eye on this application, as we’re sure there are more languages to come. According to the team, “We’re working on it! We’re starting out with Latin script languages, and will expand from there. We won’t stop until we get all the way across the globe!”

These are some very exciting times in the world of augmented reality — your trips abroad will never be the same!

Thanks to frmbriyawthxoxo for passing this along.

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