It’s not easy getting to JFK from Manhattan. There’s a helicopter for that!

Us_helicopter_logo800px-us-helicopter-routes-with-arrows See the full gallery on Posterous There was a helicopter for that, at least. US Helicopter (now defunct) was an independent air shuttle service that would take you from the Downtown Manhattan Heliport or East 34th St. Heliport to JFK/BDR/EWR.

And all for just $159. For this, you’d get eight minutes of luxurious flight to JFK on an 8-seat Sikorsky S-76 with leather interior a pair of 42” LCDs and even a Bloomberg terminal. Plus, you’d be able to brag to people on your flight that you arrived via helicopter.

Their slogan: “The 8 minute airport shuttle.”

The company lasted a bit longer than that; started in 2004, it ceased operations in September 2009.

Know of any more absurd or interesting ways to reach an airport? Share in the comments!

Thanks to Joel Spolsky and Michael Pryor of FogCreek for first telling me about this service, which they themselves tried once (and had a good experience).

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