JFK Hacks – Save Money, Take the Agony Out of Waiting

Saving money and spending time in airports don’t generally mix, so it was with great professional satisfaction that I gazed into the oversized salad bowl before me at Kennedy Airport on Monday.  Within it, my self-assembled masterpiece of mesclun, grilled chicken, marinated mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes, carrots, broccoli and dried cranberries topped with a thick vinaigrette. Next to it, my computer, open to Facebook thanks to the terminal’s free Internet. How tempting to issue a triumphant status update: “Seth Kugel has assembled a beautiful salad at Kennedy International Airport for just $3.60!”

I resisted, though, because I try not to bore my Facebook friends. That’s what you readers are for.

via frugaltraveler.blogs.nytimes.com

Will have to try this myself in a couple weeks when I fly out of JFK. Until then, give this NYTimes Frugal Traveler article a read and track down a beautiful $3.60 salad of your own. Though, I must say that JetBlue’s Terminal 5 is pretty spectacular for Internet-addicts like myself — free wifi and plenty of power outlets.

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