“Just wanted to drop by and say that Hipmunk has literally changed my life.”

When we get an email like this, it puts a fire in our bellies.

We want hipmunk to make travel search fun, but when we see how a superior user experience can actually improve someone’s life, it reminds us of an entirely different perspective.

Thank you, Chad. And thank you for letting us publish your feedback. You can find Chad on twitter at @ChadMoran (we asked him for something to link to so we could spread some linklove).

And if you’re interested in helping the families recovering from the tornados he mentions, I can personally vouch for DirectRelief, which will use 100% of your donation to fund “medical aid offered to partners across affected states through local, regional, and national associations, including Primary Care Associatios, the National Association of Community Health Centers, and the National Association of Free Clinics.”


Just wanted to drop by and say that Hipmunk has literally changed my life.

I currently live in Huntsville, AL (recently devastated by the tornado outbreak of April 2011) and my friends/family live in Baltimore, MD.  I used to travel via Delta from HSV to ATL to BWI.  These flights cost anywhere from $400-$600 round trip.  This meant I only got to see my family maybe once per year, twice if I was lucky.  I then heard about Hipmunk.com.  I love new startup sites that are purpose-driven because I feel like they provide the best results you’re looking for so of course I started using them for flight search.  Then one day I was planning my trip to visit my sister and her newborn daughter (my niece) and figured it would cost me $800 for a last-minute flight.  Hipmunk showed me there were now direct flights from HSV to BWI for $130 round trip!  I was very excited and immediately bought the tickets.  Now I get to visit my family 5-6 times a year thanks to Hipmunk.

I’ve also insisted that the company I work for (Curse.com) uses Hipmunk when booking flights for our employees.

I can’t thank you guys enough for making such a great service, please continue doing what you’re doing and I’ll keep telling people about the munk!


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