Loads of Hipmunks Searching To and From SXSW (data porn!)

David has been busy since recently joining the team, but found some spare time to run the numbers on March searches to & from Austin, TX (AUS). SXSW Interactive (the geek Spring Break) started on March 11 and ended March 15. You’ll notice some interesting search trends around those days.

Simpler_timeline Flights_in Flights_out See the full gallery on Posterous

We were absolutely delighted by how many of you were so happy to meet members of team hipmunk — and not just on the night of our party as we were handing out free drinks. Having such a passionate community makes doing our jobs so much easier and makes us all the more eager to take all the agony out of your travel search.

Thanks for choosing to hipmunk your flights to/from Austin. Hopefully your luggage on the way home was adorned with one of our special hipmunk luggage tags… (if not, email me!)

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